Erdogan is not welcome!

A dictator will come to Berlin – and will be welcomed with full honors. At the end of September, the Turkish state president Recep Tayyip Erdoĝan will ask for German support regarding his war politics – again. Once more, there will be weapon deals, approved credits and concerted investments into Turkish economy. The visit of the German minister for economics, including his 80 companies, at the end of October suits the picture. Erdogan‘s visit to Berlin gives reason to protest to those who fight for democracy, freedom and peace all over the world.

The list of crimes of the Erdoĝan regime is long. Today, thousands of HDP-members are in Turkish prisons, as well as hundreds of journalists and tens of thousands of political activists. Curfews, the prohibition of demonstrations as well as ongoing military operations are a daily phenomena in the south east of Turkey. There are hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge because of continuous military operations. Cities like Nisêbîn or Cizîr are to a huge extent destroyed. The people of Northern Syria and northern Iraq are suffering from Erdoĝan‘s dictatorship, too. The Turkish army leads operations to occupy in both countries. The war in Afrin, as well as the daily attacks on Northern Iraq are fresh examples.

We are suffering from the dictatorship of Erdogan in Germany, too. The Turkish secret service MIT is threatening political activists with assassinations. DITIB uses its almost 1000 mosques and even children, to spread nationalist war propaganda. The lobby-organization UETD is connecting the AKP regime with criminal gangs like “Osmanen Germania”, which are openly threatening people critical of Erdogan‘s regime. All of this is another indicator to show official German support for the Turkish repressive politics and the attacks on democratic people all over the globe. Our struggle against the patriarchal domination of Erdoĝan is also a struggle against the rising of a nationalist mentality especially in Europe.

As democrats we will carry our struggle against Erdogan‘s visit at the 28th and the 29th of September to the streets. We will not accept that the German government would like to welcome a dictator in our name, trying to legitimize his politics in this way. We can‘t find peace with it. The end of September will be the time, where the German government and Erdogan will learn that dictators don‘t drink their tea in Berlin, but at the international Criminal Court in Den Haag. This is a call to all democratic people: join us on the streets! We‘re going to make the dictator Erdoĝan and his friends in the German government understand: Ticket to Den Haag instead of tea in Berlin!

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